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I confirm that I am a healthcare professional and I am licensed to practice in Malaysia.
I consent to Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and its affiliates to retaining and processing my personal data, including my email address and work address, within Ferring's customer database. These personal data can be used to provide me with relevant news, research and educational materials within my specialty, to improve my customer experience, to improve Ferring's products, PR and marketing, and management of the business relationship. Some of the information provided may be promotional in nature. Maximum retention period of my data will be 10 years. Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd will ensure that all collected personal data (such as email address) is only used to share materials that it considers appropriate, relevant, and of value. Processing of personal data will be performed in accordance with applicable law and the ‘Customer Relationship Management Privacy Notice’ ( CRM Privacy Notice ) To stop receiving these communications at any time, please follow the instructions on the latest confirmation email you receive from Ferring Pharmaceuticals or refer to the CRM Privacy Notice